Major Patch 3.0.8

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 @ 06:11 PM
posted by Kovo

- Added an “Un-equip all” function on the home screen (need at least one gear item equipped to see the option)

- Added a Clan Honor Board, allowing clan mates to see each others game ranks.

- Fixed that annoying Level-up news bug

- 14 new achievements added

- NOTICE: ‘Gifts Given’ was not counted prior to this patch.

- Remaining karma is now shown when raising another player’s karma

- Added an option to block player’s signatures in the forums

- Name wrapping bug fixed in friends list

- Merchant Engineers and Merchant Space Miners now receive a daily subsidy at the Financial Aid Office (since they cannot get free tools at the Galactic General Store)

- Profession bonuses for Nano Technicians, Wepaonsmiths, and Armorsmiths have been improved

- Confirmation box added for Activity Points (one less thing the developers can torture players with)

- Other minor bug fixes and changes

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