Gifts, a Contests, and a Raffle!

Sunday, December 4, 2011 @ 07:12 PM
posted by Ubica

Happy Holidays from the development team (and staff).

December is always a lively month for Loreaon. Here are some quick highlights:

Free Custom Image Raffle: Head on over to the Raffleplex in Mag’Nar city and purchase your raffle ticket! The winner of the raffle will get a free, professionally drawn custom image, as well as 30 free subscription days! Second and third place prizes will be handed out depending on how many tickets are purchased. The winner will be picked some time in January. The first place prize alone is worth over $90!

Loreaon X-mas Tree: The Loreaon tree will be displayed in the City Districts page for the month of December. During a random day this month, 5 gifts will appear for every citizen! Gifts will be random for every player, and some gifts will be more common than others.

12 Days of Christmas Contest: Visit the General Forums, and sign-up for Jetteh’s contest. Great prizes for the top 3, and it is very easy to participate!

Special Pack Monthly Item (Tasty Holiday Take-Out): All special pack purchases this month come with 4 Tasty Holiday Take-Outs! Special Packs can cost as little as $2.50, and bring great value to your gaming experience on Loreaon! Don’t miss-out on this item, it won’t be available again until next December. (and if you believe the Mayan prophecy, we might not have as many days next year to enjoy Loreaon!)


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