General Bam

Sunday, January 8, 2012 @ 01:01 PM
posted by Ubica

General Bam is one tough son of a gun but he wasn’t born that way. He really wasn’t born in the traditional sense at all.Bam is an acronym that stands for Battery Adaptable Mercenary and that’s just what he is too. He is a troop that is composed of both flesh and tech, though he looks all human. The idea behind the creation was that he would help enlist men in the ranks.

He was created during the Extinction Wars to help keep the troops recruiting. There are many arguments and theories about which side he was created for or if he was created with more than one side in mind.A military scientist that had gone a bit mad (isn’t it always a mad one?) had the idea of integrating organisms with highly specialized computer technology. The result was a creation that worked better than the original specimens used during the process. After many trials and errors he created a unique blend of human tissues and robotic mechanisms.

Shortly after, the first General Bam left the lab. It wasn’t long into this first excursion that his battery died and he was left immobile in one of the worst districts. Once found, the scientist realized he needed his creation to be energy independent and as such created a small battery compartment under General Bam’s military issued wristwatch. It wasn’t enough, so battery compartments were installed in several different locations on him and his equipment. The batteries were networked in such a manner that if one area needed a charge then it would tap from another source.  Finally, to insure he wouldn’t run out of energy, he was made to be adaptable with any battery.

For each General Bam there is a real human and a robot that goes into the creation. The process is simple in respect to clearing the mind of its human memories and replacing it with the bambot software. This process created General Bam as we know him today.After initiating the very first General Bam and learning that the recruitment ratio of his prototype was more than double the number successfully recruited by both the robotic and human army generals beforehand, the government quickly decided more were in order. The action made it possible for several things to happen at once. First of all, quite a few areas were cleaned up of criminals in the streets. Second these men not only traded their criminal record, they traded their life of poverty, illegal activities and danger for one of riches, politics and more danger.

It truly became a win-win situation.People cheered the fact that it gave degenerates the desire to help society stay protected and pioneer new civilizations.

Derelicts from the surrounding cities flocked to ask about becoming General Bam. The government offered it as an alternative to being imprisoned. The catch was that your mind would be cleared of memory and subject matter. The primary download would then give you the background to run your military personnel. There was one small problem in the plan; it seemed the men becoming General Bam retained some of who they were.
There was an apparent carry-over in the fact that some versions of General Bam are law-upholding, high quality citizens (reformed men if you will) while others seem ready to use their men for personal battles across the cities and beyond.

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