Major Patch 3.1.1

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 @ 11:01 PM
posted by Ubica

- Final poll results are in (enough players have voted where the current majority will stay the majority). Final, official, and fair formula has been posted here: We apologize for the frequent changes done to the formula. But better now, than in the middle of the month.

– Added a new rank tier at the Halls of Honor: Stat Rating. This rank does not affect any other game rank for the time being.

– Improved the det/conf conversion screen to prevent mistakes.

– Certain actions in the game are now forced to have a confirmation message. Developers will choose which actions get this kind of treatment.

– Rank images changed at the Halls of Honor

– Two new items added to the browserMMORPG gift shop. Please vote daily and help support Loreaon!

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