Lord Salzar

Thursday, February 9, 2012 @ 08:02 PM
posted by Ubica

Salzar was an orphan from the first wave of the Extinction Wars. The waves of destruction had been so intense and overwhelming that many survivors were left to navigate the streets and try to get out to safety. More than one survivor referred to it as the maze. As the buildings and structures fell to the floor, paths were created or destroyed. Salzar, then but a teenager had first discovered one survivor then another. Before long he had a following of more than a hundred survivors trying to get out of the ruined city. Turn after turn the young Salzar approached each with confidence when suddenly he brought everyone out into the fresh air. After they had taken the time to weep at their home decimated they dubbed Salzara Lord and swore to get him recognition. Before long he was set up with his own private area in Sub’ Nar where people could test their skills. Some say he is the wealthiest man in all of Sub’ Nar, perhaps even all of Loreaon.

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