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An inside look at the new N.M.B.G. battle system

Monday, December 19, 2011 @ 01:12 PM
posted by Ubica

Up-to-date version can always be found here:


N.M.B.G. Unit Commit

Before you can use your N.M.B.G. army, you must first do the following:
– Commit units to your army
– Assign committed units to an attack wave

To commit a unit to your army, visit the N.M.B.G. page. You will see a full report of your current army (if any). You will see a blue “Commit Units” link (if you have any units to commit).

Once units are committed to your army, you will see a new link show-up labeled “Add a new wave”.

N.M.B.G. Attack Waves

For your committed units to actually participate in battle, they must first be assigned to a wave. If you engage another player, or they engage with you, and you do not have any attack waves, you will lose by default.

You can assign up to 25 attack waves. You can create your waves in any way you wish, and you can also arrange their order (once you have more than 1 wave).


Unit Losses

Unit losses in battle are based on the following factors:
– Your total army power (after buffs/debuffs) compared to your opponents
– Whether you won or lost
– Which waves actually participated in the battle

Therefore a strategy that uses more waves, may result in fewer losses.


Wave Formations

Wave formations usually offer bonuses to your army. There are 5 formations to choose from. You can choose the formation that best suits your strategy.


Daily Battleground Terrain

Every day, a different battleground terrain will be used for all N.M.B.G. battles. The daily battleground will offer unit buffs, and debuffs.


Battle Engine

The battle engine for the N.M.B.G. works in a round-by-round style. The first wave from each army is pitted against each other. The army to strike first is the one with the greater army power (after buffs/debuffs).

Land/Air Defense is considered a waves “Health”. The attacking wave’s Land/Air attack are subtracted from the defending wave’s Land/Air defense. Once a wave reaches 0 in both Land/Air defense, it is defeated.

Each wave takes turns attacking the other. Once a wave is defeated, the next wave in the player’s army is called.

Once a player no longer has any waves to defend itself, the battle is over, and that player loses.

A stalemate between two waves occurs if both waves do not have any attack power, or if they do not posses the attack power necessary to defeat each other.


N.M.B.G. Points

You gain points by winning battles, and lose points by losing battles (of course!) You gain 3 points for winning a battle against an army who has an overall stronger army power. You gain 2 points for winning against an army who has a weaker overall army power. You gain 1 point for defeating an army with the same overall army power.

You lose 3 points for losing against an army who has a lower overall army power. You lose 2 points for losing against an army who has a higher overall army power. You lose 1 point for losing against an army who has the same overall army power.


The Vision For Loreaon

Friday, December 2, 2011 @ 09:12 AM
posted by Ubica

When we first started to plan Loreaon, we asked ourselves what we wanted to accomplish. Did we want to develop another run-of-the-mill browser game, with the basic mechanics? Or did we want to build something fresh and new? Of course, we wanted to build something unique, with a high level of quality (both visual and experience).

So went off, planning and designing the different aspects of Loreaon. How players would be guided through the game’s interface, what they can do during the day, what accomplishments could they reach early on, and what accomplishments would have to be worked on, and the hundreds of other details that make Loreaon the game it is today.

If we look back to March 1st, and how Loreaon looked and felt then, we are truly awestruck at how the game has evolved in such a short period of time. Originally, we wanted to provide two main pathways for players to take: the PvP path, or the PvE/Economy path. And when we originally launched the game, we were quite confident in the features and functions we offered to players. However, as time went on, we got more and more feedback on things ranging from the interface, to specific functions of the game, and Loreaon began to quickly evolve into the game it is today.

Although we have had major feature/content plans since we first launched, the player’s have made the biggest (and most important) contributions to Loreaon. From the Leagues of Gul’Nak, to the profession specializations revamp. We could not offer new players the Loreaon of today, without the help from players past and present.

And now, after 10 months of success after success, we find ourselves with a never ending supply of ideas from developers, game staff, and players. As it stands right now, we have at least 1 year of development plans ahead of us!

Many players already know what is in store, but we can name a few things off right now:

Clan Wars/Territory: A long-time anticipated addition, clan wars will truly integrate clans into the heart and soul of Loreaon.

Clan Achievements: In tandem with the Clan Wars/Territory, we will also be implementing clan achievements, which will earn the clan achievement points, as well as unlock clan perks.

Clan Perks: Linking with Clan Achievements, clan perks will give clan members certain benefits. Perhaps a free daily revive? A free daily repair? Who knows?!

Hobbies: What is a world without hobbies? Things you can do in your spare time. What should you do while you wait for reset? Or for your determination to refill?

Secondary Skills: Are you telling me you don’t know how to fish, or hunt, or cook? Listen, we live in a technology driven world, but you have to know the basics!


Loreaon Blog Launch

Thursday, December 1, 2011 @ 05:12 PM
posted by Ubica

Today marks the official release of the Loreaon Blog.


The goal of this blog is to publicly announce releases, patch notes, specials, events, and a lot more.

Although all major announcements will be posted for users who are logged in tot heir Loreaon accounts, this blog will also house developer commentary, thoughts, and opinions.


Stay tuned!