General Bam’s Assistant

Thursday, February 9, 2012 @ 08:02 PM
posted by Ubica

Found rummaging around the different piles of broken armor, General Bam’s Assistant had created a small shelter before he was stumbled upon by several officers recruiting people to swell the ranks of General Bam’s private army. The man was brought to Bam because they weren’t sure if they should classify the man as a thief and throw him in the jail or place him on the line. Bam believed he saw a great deal of potential when he first laid eyes on his new assistant. As usual, the General’s insight was spot on. His assistant came with unlimited potential for following the orders of the man leading the toughest military. Seems he had a nose for sniffing out the big dog and aligning himself accordingly.


Mob Barley, Herbing Expert

Thursday, February 9, 2012 @ 08:02 PM
posted by Ubica

Known for being able to grow anything,even in situations without dirt or water it wasn’t long before Mob Barley was a name dancing across many a citizen’s lips. He became overwhelmed teaching others to harvest the herbs they needed to have. He worked hard to bring many species to Mag’ Nar that were thought to be extinct. He also liked to play hard with crossing the species he had. Some of his personal strains were highly praised. For the longest time people would show up knocking on his door late into the evening. These days he tries to remain professional, raising every kind of herbs and plant a person could desire.


Minor Release 3.2 – Social Citizen

Sunday, January 22, 2012 @ 06:01 PM
posted by Ubica

Release 3.2 is officially live. This is a minor release, revamping three areas of Loreaon.

Below is a list of what has changed:

– The much anticipated chat revamp is here, with the introduction of the Loreaon HUD. From the HUD, you can take part in public, and private chats, access your items inventory from ANY page, get instant notifications when you have a new message, newsfeed entry, or clan forum post, as well as the ability to pop the entire HUD out of the window, and into a window of it’s own! Private chats can have up to 10 participants. The HUD still has room to expand, and we plan on adding other items like your Quest Log, soon!

– M-Bar opening is here! The m-Bar is now open to players who fit the level, stat, and age requirements! What do you get at the M-Bar? You’ll have to wait and see!

– Club Suddo has been re-done. It still opens Fridays and Saturdays, but it is open all day, and borrows the entry requirements of M-Bar.

– 6 New daily quests (at M-Bar and Club Suddo)

– 2 New Sen Shee Items (very interesting ones!)

– New option for receiving (or blocking) mass PMs

– Several performance upgrades which should make page loads much faster

– 4 New Achievements (that link to M-Bar and Club Suddo)

– New rank medals for the top 3 N.M.B.G., and Stat Rating players at the end of each month (just like Karma rank medals)

– Every suicide in N.M.B.G. (when you are defeated because you have no assigned waves) now increases your army support costs. Even if your committed units count is below 5000, you will be charged a fee. Every subsequent suicide will increase this fee (no limit).

– Weak Re-A-Needles have increased in cost. They should be used as a last resort. Player-made ones are far cheaper, and more efficient. If none are on sale on the market, post a job request at the employment office! Make sure you offer a fair price for the Biochem’s work!


General Bam

Sunday, January 8, 2012 @ 01:01 PM
posted by Ubica

General Bam is one tough son of a gun but he wasn’t born that way. He really wasn’t born in the traditional sense at all.Bam is an acronym that stands for Battery Adaptable Mercenary and that’s just what he is too. He is a troop that is composed of both flesh and tech, though he looks all human. The idea behind the creation was that he would help enlist men in the ranks.

He was created during the Extinction Wars to help keep the troops recruiting. There are many arguments and theories about which side he was created for or if he was created with more than one side in mind.A military scientist that had gone a bit mad (isn’t it always a mad one?) had the idea of integrating organisms with highly specialized computer technology. The result was a creation that worked better than the original specimens used during the process. After many trials and errors he created a unique blend of human tissues and robotic mechanisms.

Shortly after, the first General Bam left the lab. It wasn’t long into this first excursion that his battery died and he was left immobile in one of the worst districts. Once found, the scientist realized he needed his creation to be energy independent and as such created a small battery compartment under General Bam’s military issued wristwatch. It wasn’t enough, so battery compartments were installed in several different locations on him and his equipment. The batteries were networked in such a manner that if one area needed a charge then it would tap from another source.  Finally, to insure he wouldn’t run out of energy, he was made to be adaptable with any battery.

For each General Bam there is a real human and a robot that goes into the creation. The process is simple in respect to clearing the mind of its human memories and replacing it with the bambot software. This process created General Bam as we know him today.After initiating the very first General Bam and learning that the recruitment ratio of his prototype was more than double the number successfully recruited by both the robotic and human army generals beforehand, the government quickly decided more were in order. The action made it possible for several things to happen at once. First of all, quite a few areas were cleaned up of criminals in the streets. Second these men not only traded their criminal record, they traded their life of poverty, illegal activities and danger for one of riches, politics and more danger.

It truly became a win-win situation.People cheered the fact that it gave degenerates the desire to help society stay protected and pioneer new civilizations.

Derelicts from the surrounding cities flocked to ask about becoming General Bam. The government offered it as an alternative to being imprisoned. The catch was that your mind would be cleared of memory and subject matter. The primary download would then give you the background to run your military personnel. There was one small problem in the plan; it seemed the men becoming General Bam retained some of who they were.
There was an apparent carry-over in the fact that some versions of General Bam are law-upholding, high quality citizens (reformed men if you will) while others seem ready to use their men for personal battles across the cities and beyond.


Major Patch 3.1.1

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 @ 11:01 PM
posted by Ubica

- Final poll results are in (enough players have voted where the current majority will stay the majority). Final, official, and fair formula has been posted here: We apologize for the frequent changes done to the formula. But better now, than in the middle of the month.

– Added a new rank tier at the Halls of Honor: Stat Rating. This rank does not affect any other game rank for the time being.

– Improved the det/conf conversion screen to prevent mistakes.

– Certain actions in the game are now forced to have a confirmation message. Developers will choose which actions get this kind of treatment.

– Rank images changed at the Halls of Honor

– Two new items added to the browserMMORPG gift shop. Please vote daily and help support Loreaon!


Christmas Special

Saturday, December 24, 2011 @ 11:12 PM
posted by Ubica

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!

We would like to announce our 10 day holiday special, starting as of right now!

From December 24th, 2011 to January 2nd, 2012, all Subscription Packs will give 5% more days. Also, all Platinum Packs will give 10% more platinum.

Now is a great time to stock up! Maybe even take part in the Custom Character Image Raffle (visit the Raffleplex for more details)

If you have not yet done so, make sure to visit Mag’Nar and open your gifts under the Loreaon Tree. You won’t be able to open those gifts after the 31st of December.

For now, enjoy your Christmas Eve, or whatever holiday you are celebrating.

– From the Loreaon Development Team


An inside look at the new N.M.B.G. battle system

Monday, December 19, 2011 @ 01:12 PM
posted by Ubica

Up-to-date version can always be found here:


N.M.B.G. Unit Commit

Before you can use your N.M.B.G. army, you must first do the following:
– Commit units to your army
– Assign committed units to an attack wave

To commit a unit to your army, visit the N.M.B.G. page. You will see a full report of your current army (if any). You will see a blue “Commit Units” link (if you have any units to commit).

Once units are committed to your army, you will see a new link show-up labeled “Add a new wave”.

N.M.B.G. Attack Waves

For your committed units to actually participate in battle, they must first be assigned to a wave. If you engage another player, or they engage with you, and you do not have any attack waves, you will lose by default.

You can assign up to 25 attack waves. You can create your waves in any way you wish, and you can also arrange their order (once you have more than 1 wave).


Unit Losses

Unit losses in battle are based on the following factors:
– Your total army power (after buffs/debuffs) compared to your opponents
– Whether you won or lost
– Which waves actually participated in the battle

Therefore a strategy that uses more waves, may result in fewer losses.


Wave Formations

Wave formations usually offer bonuses to your army. There are 5 formations to choose from. You can choose the formation that best suits your strategy.


Daily Battleground Terrain

Every day, a different battleground terrain will be used for all N.M.B.G. battles. The daily battleground will offer unit buffs, and debuffs.


Battle Engine

The battle engine for the N.M.B.G. works in a round-by-round style. The first wave from each army is pitted against each other. The army to strike first is the one with the greater army power (after buffs/debuffs).

Land/Air Defense is considered a waves “Health”. The attacking wave’s Land/Air attack are subtracted from the defending wave’s Land/Air defense. Once a wave reaches 0 in both Land/Air defense, it is defeated.

Each wave takes turns attacking the other. Once a wave is defeated, the next wave in the player’s army is called.

Once a player no longer has any waves to defend itself, the battle is over, and that player loses.

A stalemate between two waves occurs if both waves do not have any attack power, or if they do not posses the attack power necessary to defeat each other.


N.M.B.G. Points

You gain points by winning battles, and lose points by losing battles (of course!) You gain 3 points for winning a battle against an army who has an overall stronger army power. You gain 2 points for winning against an army who has a weaker overall army power. You gain 1 point for defeating an army with the same overall army power.

You lose 3 points for losing against an army who has a lower overall army power. You lose 2 points for losing against an army who has a higher overall army power. You lose 1 point for losing against an army who has the same overall army power.


Minor Release 3.1 – Nano Wars & Legionnaires

Sunday, December 18, 2011 @ 03:12 PM
posted by Ubica

Release 3.1 is officially live. This is a minor release, revamping two areas of Loreaon.

Below is a list of what has changed:

– League of Gul’Nak awards have been greatly improved. New, league-exclusive items have been added. The range of players who get something in the top ranks has also increased

– A new stat has been introduced in the Leagues of Gul’Nak called the League Stat Rating. This rating is based on your total stats, including gear, and Energems that have been socketed into your gear. The sum of all of your stats is then compared to other players in your level range (in your specific league). The difference will affect your final daily League score. The greater your stats in your level/league range, the greater boost you will get to your league score

– You now have the option to leave a league

– The entire N.M.B.G. system has been revamped. Units must now be committed and assigned to a wave before they can be used in battle. Larger armies will also have incremental daily support costs (armies larger than 5000 units). Waves and battle formations have also been added, that change the dynamics of a battle. A daily battleground will also be present, which may or may not change your attack strategy from day to day.

– Robot experience hand-outs coming from upgrades now scale (slightly) based on the robot model

– You can now use the site search feature to look for robots by model

– Typing “pm me” in chat or the forums will now create a direct link to send you a private message

– You can now preview your forum post/reply

– You can now unblock players directly from their profile page

– Added a new option to hide all messages from blocked players, even alerts stating that a blocked player has made a chat or forum post

– 54 new achievements (we broke way past 200!) League and Merchant achievements are NOT retroactive.


The goal of this minor release was to bring more competition to the competition centers of Loreaon (a radical idea for some).  N.M.B.G. needed a new battle system, as the old one was dated, bulky, and too linear. This new system brings a lot of dynamics to the battlefield, and will allow players to have a lot more fun with their nano armies!


Gifts, a Contests, and a Raffle!

Sunday, December 4, 2011 @ 07:12 PM
posted by Ubica

Happy Holidays from the development team (and staff).

December is always a lively month for Loreaon. Here are some quick highlights:

Free Custom Image Raffle: Head on over to the Raffleplex in Mag’Nar city and purchase your raffle ticket! The winner of the raffle will get a free, professionally drawn custom image, as well as 30 free subscription days! Second and third place prizes will be handed out depending on how many tickets are purchased. The winner will be picked some time in January. The first place prize alone is worth over $90!

Loreaon X-mas Tree: The Loreaon tree will be displayed in the City Districts page for the month of December. During a random day this month, 5 gifts will appear for every citizen! Gifts will be random for every player, and some gifts will be more common than others.

12 Days of Christmas Contest: Visit the General Forums, and sign-up for Jetteh’s contest. Great prizes for the top 3, and it is very easy to participate!

Special Pack Monthly Item (Tasty Holiday Take-Out): All special pack purchases this month come with 4 Tasty Holiday Take-Outs! Special Packs can cost as little as $2.50, and bring great value to your gaming experience on Loreaon! Don’t miss-out on this item, it won’t be available again until next December. (and if you believe the Mayan prophecy, we might not have as many days next year to enjoy Loreaon!)



The Vision For Loreaon

Friday, December 2, 2011 @ 09:12 AM
posted by Ubica

When we first started to plan Loreaon, we asked ourselves what we wanted to accomplish. Did we want to develop another run-of-the-mill browser game, with the basic mechanics? Or did we want to build something fresh and new? Of course, we wanted to build something unique, with a high level of quality (both visual and experience).

So went off, planning and designing the different aspects of Loreaon. How players would be guided through the game’s interface, what they can do during the day, what accomplishments could they reach early on, and what accomplishments would have to be worked on, and the hundreds of other details that make Loreaon the game it is today.

If we look back to March 1st, and how Loreaon looked and felt then, we are truly awestruck at how the game has evolved in such a short period of time. Originally, we wanted to provide two main pathways for players to take: the PvP path, or the PvE/Economy path. And when we originally launched the game, we were quite confident in the features and functions we offered to players. However, as time went on, we got more and more feedback on things ranging from the interface, to specific functions of the game, and Loreaon began to quickly evolve into the game it is today.

Although we have had major feature/content plans since we first launched, the player’s have made the biggest (and most important) contributions to Loreaon. From the Leagues of Gul’Nak, to the profession specializations revamp. We could not offer new players the Loreaon of today, without the help from players past and present.

And now, after 10 months of success after success, we find ourselves with a never ending supply of ideas from developers, game staff, and players. As it stands right now, we have at least 1 year of development plans ahead of us!

Many players already know what is in store, but we can name a few things off right now:

Clan Wars/Territory: A long-time anticipated addition, clan wars will truly integrate clans into the heart and soul of Loreaon.

Clan Achievements: In tandem with the Clan Wars/Territory, we will also be implementing clan achievements, which will earn the clan achievement points, as well as unlock clan perks.

Clan Perks: Linking with Clan Achievements, clan perks will give clan members certain benefits. Perhaps a free daily revive? A free daily repair? Who knows?!

Hobbies: What is a world without hobbies? Things you can do in your spare time. What should you do while you wait for reset? Or for your determination to refill?

Secondary Skills: Are you telling me you don’t know how to fish, or hunt, or cook? Listen, we live in a technology driven world, but you have to know the basics!