Loreaon Blog Launch

Thursday, December 1, 2011 @ 05:12 PM
posted by Ubica

Today marks the official release of the Loreaon Blog.


The goal of this blog is to publicly announce releases, patch notes, specials, events, and a lot more.

Although all major announcements will be posted for users who are logged in tot heir Loreaon accounts, this blog will also house developer commentary, thoughts, and opinions.


Stay tuned!


Major Patch 3.0.8

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 @ 06:11 PM
posted by Ubica

- Added an “Un-equip all” function on the home screen (need at least one gear item equipped to see the option)

– Added a Clan Honor Board, allowing clan mates to see each others game ranks.

– Fixed that annoying Level-up news bug

– 14 new achievements added

– NOTICE: ‘Gifts Given’ was not counted prior to this patch.

– Remaining karma is now shown when raising another player’s karma

– Added an option to block player’s signatures in the forums

– Name wrapping bug fixed in friends list

– Merchant Engineers and Merchant Space Miners now receive a daily subsidy at the Financial Aid Office (since they cannot get free tools at the Galactic General Store)

– Profession bonuses for Nano Technicians, Wepaonsmiths, and Armorsmiths have been improved

– Confirmation box added for Activity Points (one less thing the developers can torture players with)

– Other minor bug fixes and changes


Major Patch 3.0.7

Sunday, November 27, 2011 @ 06:11 PM
posted by Ubica

- Rank values are now hidden at the Halls of Honor and on player profiles. You will only see values for ranks below yours, and 20 above yours. This is meant to encourage new players to compete. It will also push competition in general, focusing players on immediate ranks, and not just 1st place. Stats can still be found in the B.T.L.S. results, but this will go away soon also, once the P.I. system is introduced.

– Monthly gym fees are now based on total stats gained at the gym. This is meant to (eventually) bring high-level players back into the booster purchasing market. It also gives a chance for new players to catch up. This is also part of the credit control strategy.

– Activity Point bonuses for credits are now slowly reduced based on characters in-game age. These values will never go below 50% of the starting value (so 2,500 for non-subs, and 5,000 for subs). This is final, and also part of the credit control strategy. If you need credits, start making stuff and selling! Questing also helps.

– Sub’Nar pass cost has been revised.

– New guidelines have been introduced for custom images. Please read them before submitting new images. The review process will begin this week, to remove any customs that currently infringe copyright.

– Credits/Platinum in reserve are no longer displayed (nor counted).

– Narada daily quest now gives-out the proper amount of credits

– Engineers now have an “Auto Repair” option for their robots.

– Clan newsfeed now goes back 3 months in all categories.

– Several other minor adjustments and bug fixes.


Major Patch 3.0.3

Friday, November 18, 2011 @ 07:11 PM
posted by Ubica

- Fixed bug where chat closes when you hit the transfer icon next to your multi

– Added new items to the Pandora’s Box AP bonus (suggested by Xanthia)

– Removed the NMBG/Meka/TC bonus from Pandora’s and replaced it with a large chunk of Card Fragments (suggested by Mozzy)

– 30 Day Average is now displayed next to the lifetime average for all items, gear and platinum (suggested by Madame Ghoti and Flame)

– Karma button added next to the clan member list (suggested by Psaltery)

– Stat gains/losses are now displayed on the notification pop-up when using boosters (suggested by Psaltery)

– Tebul Marketplace posting form now displays items in their correct categories (suggested by Psaltery)

– The Rusty Robot now gives 70% more exp from robots (instead of 60%)

– Added 11 new achievements (most of them suggested by JetteH)

– Time Warper usage cost changed a bit. Now you use Platinum to unlock uses (that do not expire at midnight)

– Stock Market was revamped and should start reflecting the real game economy. There is still a risk of values going down, even if the market is going good, but the better it is, the less chance it will fall. Every stock company has it’s value based on something different. I will NOT be sharing any hints as to what the formulas are, so do not ask me. Not even staff will know what they are.


Major Patch 3.0.6

Friday, November 18, 2011 @ 06:11 PM
posted by Ubica

- Holiday preparations have been completed. During the month of December, the Mag’Nar X-Mas tree will be displayed in the City districts, and at some point in the month, present will appear for each character.

– A few more achievements added

– Community News page has been upgraded again

– New Accessibility Mode upgrade

– Several other minor fixes and tweaks around the game


Minor Release 3.0.5 – Romance Trouble

Sunday, November 6, 2011 @ 05:11 PM
posted by Ubica

- Players can now date and marry each-other. Information about dating and marriage can be found in the Game Wiki

– New monthly items have been added to the system. Every month, a unique item will be available, as a bonus to all special pack purchases.

– 2 new special pack exclusive gifts have been added

– 13 new achievements

– New battle-output option added

– Non-tradeable items can now be traded amongst characters you own (Subscriber rules still apply)

– Profession level is now displayed for other players (on their information page) (suggested by Madame Ghoti)

– All clan officers can now modify and edit the forums

– Several minor fixes around the site


Minor Release 3.0.4 – Level What?

Monday, October 17, 2011 @ 05:10 PM
posted by Ubica

- SPECIAL PACKS ARE HERE! Visit the Special Packs page to learn more!

– Level cap has been raised to 250! 11 new gear sets have been introduced, including new Tier Gear.

– Two new buildings in Sub’Nar

– Gear items have a new dynamic: bonus effects. All new high-level gear have bonus effects.

– New repair kit for new gear

– Fees were not being properly applied to stock purchases and sales. Now they are being applied.

– Several minor fixes and improvements.

– 10 new achievements

– NOTE: Game guide will be updated this week with new gear and items.


Major Patch 3.0.2

Monday, October 3, 2011 @ 07:10 PM
posted by Ubica

- Battle log bug fixed where a player name is put in place of a robot name (and yes, SiG fooled you all into believing he beat me and I played along with him) (thanks to {SiG}[KoA])

– BB Code added for anchors (suggested by {SiG}[KoA])

– You can now drop your current specialization for a fee

– Battle Gauges are no longer locked for human/alien revivers (you can all pop your champagne bottles now)

– Fee for robots on 2 second revives has been reduced to 200 credits (from 1000)

– Base robot fees reduced a bit

– Transfer icon placed next to all of your multis (suggested by Psaltery)

– Job descriptions are now all the items the person is asking for. The custom description has been moved to the tooltip (players thought it was a good idea to cheat other players with deceptive descriptions)

– You can now add spacers for your shortcuts (suggested by Psaltery)

– Personal newsfeed has been revamped to work like the clan newsfeed. (also that annoying bug where a news item refused to delete should be gone)

– Search system has been revamped

– New Tutorial System has been introduced for new players. Existing players can easily disable this system.


Major Release 3.0 – Specializatione Professio

Sunday, September 18, 2011 @ 06:09 PM
posted by Ubica

- Revamped interface with dozens of minor tweaks and improvements.

– Home page is cleaned-up.

– Several new quests have been added and old ones have been slightly modified (if necessary).

– A new achievement category has been added.

– Turning on the “Auto-Revive” system now locks your battle gauge at 30 seconds (minimum).

– NEW: Buff System. The buff system allows you to gain temporary improvements in various aspects of the game.

– NEW: Energems. Energems are a new item addition to Loreaon. They can be socketed into weapons or armor to increase their stats in battle.

– NEW: Prospecting System. Weaponsmiths and Armorsmiths can now prospect ores and space ores at the Mining Camp. Prospecting ores has a chance of producing an Energem.

– NEW: Smelting System. Weaponsmiths and Armorsmiths can now smelt weapons or armor at the Mining Camp. Smelting weapons or armor produces an Energem.

– NEW: Socketing System. Players can now socket Energems into their weapons, boosting their gear’s stats.

– NEW: Foods & Drinks. Foods and Drinks are a new item addition to Loreaon. Consuming foods or drinks generally gives you a temporary buff in stats or other various things.

– NEW: Time Warpers. Time Warpers are a new item addition to Loreaon. They allow you to reset a certain amount of runs in various sections of Loreaon, like the Meka Arena or the Training Course.

– NEW: Tetrahedral Structures. Tetrahedral Structures are a new item addition to Loreaon. Nano Technicians can create tetragrams using their determination. Tetragrams are used in a large range of new items in Loreaon.

– NEW: Salzar’s Mazes. A new building has been added to Sub’Nar called Salzar’s Mazes. Players can pay to enter a maze with 3 or more levels. During their way through the maze, players can find credits (and eventually other treasures)

– NEW: Sen Shee’s Cookery. Another new building has been added to Sub’Nar called Sen Shee’s Cookery. Players can visit this building to purchase special foods and drinks that provide lucrative bonuses.

– NEW: Battle Robots! Engineers can now create Battle Robots. Battle robots are an alternative fighting option from other players. They do not require any revivers and auto heal themselves after each battle. Only Engineers can create and manage a battle robot. Battle robots can be added to your blacklist and looked-up through the B.T.L.S. system.

– NEW: Profession Specializations. Each profession now has 5 specializations to choose from. Each specialization has a unique characteristic and use in Loreaon. Players can only choose 1 and cannot change a specialization unless they forfeit their profession completely. You can only choose a specialization after becoming a professional.


Major Patch

Sunday, August 21, 2011 @ 07:08 PM
posted by Ubica

- Activity Points page revamped.

– Several new activity point bonuses have been added and some old ones have been modified.

– Cost to subscribe using platinum has been reduced.

– 5 new achievements added for the Tebul Marketplace.

– Making a sale on the Marketplace now gives the seller +0.01 community score (for sales at or above 3,000 credits). Max 0.10 Community Score per day can be gained using this method.

– Node counts in Kadima, Mines and Space are now based on if a player is subscribed or not (node counts are halved for non-subscribed players). The amount you can get from a node has not changed.